Friday, November 16, 2012

A Beautiful Fall

It has been a beautiful Fall here in Lawrence.  I can't remember a fall that has stayed so nice and yet it is halfway through November already. I guess I should clarify what is "nice."  Next week's Thanksgiving weather has us in the low to mid 60's.  We can still go the park with the boys!

I have had a lot of fun lately with Patrick and Payden and the leaves.  They love to run through them and hear them crunch, and run and jump in piles!

Here are a few videos and pictures of them playing and enjoying the leaves.

Patrick found a hole in the golf course and it was filled with leaves. He was having the time of his life jumping and landing in the leaves. It was kind of like a trampoline! 

This next one is also on the Golf Course, we found a massive pile and both boys were have the time of their lives running through it. 

Today, after playing at the park across the street, I started sweeping up the leaves in front of our house.  I got the trash to put them in and both Patrick and Payden were so happy to help! 

And lastly, here are some pictures from today...

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