Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1st Video of Patrick and Payden

So I was playing with my camera the other day only to find out that I have a video function on it.

Here is a video of Patrick and Payden. They were just fed minutes prior and both are really happy. Pay attention to their feet; they go crazy! (and so do the bouncers)

Hopefully there will be many more like this...


Deanna said...

Super cute-I am glad you found the video function on your camera.

Andrew said...

I think Patrick is destined to be the jock.

Auntie Lindsay

Andrew said...


Love, Grandma Benedict

John & Melanie said...

So cute!
We were just wondering...is that a br...-"pump" going on in the background? Sad that we would still know that sound enough to ask. :)

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