Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Funny Things you hear...

Ever since bringing home the twin boys, we've heard so many things. Just going to the grocery store makes us think we brought along some celebrity with us.

Here are a few of the questions/ comments that we hear...

  1. People see 2 car seats and say "Twins?" - this one leaves us staring blankly like uh yes. Once Christian told someone "No, we have triplets but we left one in the car." I think they actually believed us.
  2. Are they Identical? - no they are fraternal
  3. Do twins run in your family? - no, we went through IVF in order to have them.
  4. Were you surprised when you found out that were having twins?
  5. You really do have your hands full don't you? - uh duh..
  6. I bet you guys are tired

Then in Sacrament meeting at church today two little girls walked past us and one of them asked us the cutest thing, "How come you have two babies?" I think they were maybe 4 or 5 years old. I thought of the easiest explanation... Heavenly Father gave them to us and we got two at the same time. The little girl seemed satisfied with that answer.


The Buschbachs said...

How funny...we must be living in the same world! Last week at lunch, I got the same question - "you have twins??" I thouht to myself is that a question or a statement. Obviously the carseats and even the blankets I thought it was pretty obvious, but apparently not. I also just wanted to say I love the response you gave the girls - it was perfect!!

Bethany said...

I love little kid questions!

Melissa Ann said...

I'm honestly surprised with how often the "Are they twins?" question gets asked. Derek and I love the Triplet answer... though I do think Derek will say "No, we left the other five babies at home."

Becky said...

Valerie, do you remember me from HHS? Congratulations on the twins. I love the questions about twins. My twins are five now and we still get those questions. But I do have to say that "Are they identical?" really gets to me because my twins are boy/girl, Hello, how can they be identical if they are different genders?

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