Monday, March 8, 2010

Two Names and a Blessing

Sunday, March 7th was definitely a day to remember for the rest of my life! It was the day that Christian blessed Patrick and Payden. In our church, new babies are given a name and a blessing by those that hold the priesthood.

Here are my thoughts and a few pictures about the "blessed" day:

It is amazing how the morning leading up to the day of the blessing was so calm because after 11:30, time just flew! We fed them at 11:30 and then started putting on their clothes. I haven't ever seen so many layers!! It was a good thing that we didn't put them in their outfits until we did because Patrick had already gone through 6 previous outfits. By the time we had taken pictures and had them in their car seats, it was already 12:50pm. So much for good intentions to get to the chapel early to sit by family that was coming for the blessing. When we got to the church, there wasn't even enough room for family to sit next to Christian and I. So the whole meeting, Christian held Payden and I held Patrick; thank goodness that they eventually both slept through the meeting.

The blessings were absolutely wonderful. I was so proud of my husband Christian who made sure to look up in the handbook how the blessings were to be given. After the opening hymn and prayer, Christian took Patrick up and blessed him and then came back towards me. I met him in the aisle where we exchanged babies. I gave him Payden and he gave me Patrick. Then it was Payden's turn. Unlike Patrick, Payden was wide awake for his. blessing. I thought it was pretty funny that afterward Bishop Smith commented, "I didn't know that Brother Benedict could juggle babies."

After church was over, we met the group of family members at our apartment for a small lunch/ dinner. In the end we sent them all down to our leasing office so Christian and I could feed them as they were due to eat. Then we joined them about an hour later. It was so good to talk with people that came. Christian's parents and uncles and cousins came. It meant so much to me that my brother's and their families came. Even though they don't live that far away, I know that we don't get to get to see them nearly often enough.

At church Christian and I bore our testimonies. In it I said how amazed I was that this day had finally come. There were times in these 7 years that I wondered when I would finally become a mother. Never did I imagine that I would be a mother to 2 little boys at the same time. It is a surreal moment. There are times that Christian and I will look at our boys and say, "this is our family" and just savor in that moment. We are so much in awe of our new responsibilities and remind ourselves that the Lord trusted us enough to send us these spirits. As I sing, "I am a child of God," this song has now taken to mean so much more.

Family Picture:


Emma said...

What beautiful babies! It was a special day, and I'm glad were we able to come and be a part of it!

Lind Family said...

Precious family! I wish I could have been there to share in the joy. I can't wait for the day when I get to meet them in person. :-)

Melissa Ann said...

What handsome little men!

Suzie-Q said...

What a great day, and many more to come.
You guys look like a perfect happy family.

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