Friday, December 4, 2009

Productive yet Modified Bed Rest

When my cervix began to shorten, my doctor recommended that I discontinue work at least until the 36th week. After a couple weeks resting, my cervix went back to normal but the doctor thought if I were to return to my normal level of activity, it would surely happen again.

My husband predicted I'd be really bored but I've surprised him. The days have seem to flown by as I have learned new things and made things for these babies. I have so much left to make and buy for these little guys. Hopefully they don't come before Christmas!!

Here's a quick list (as per the attached picture
  • 6 Crocheted newborn hats
  • Crocheted baby blankets
  • Fleece blankets in Jayhawk crimson and blue
  • 14 burp cloths
  • 1 crocheted baby onesie (I just finished it last night; I was surprised it was so easy).
As my trips out of the apartment are quite limited to small jaunts out to eat or to JoAnn's; I have made most of them out of scraps of yarn/fabric that I had in the house. Going out is an adventure; I tire so easily now and can't make it very far. When I asked the doctor about it, she said it was because I was so little that the weight of the babies are pushing down and wearing me out.

This week has been a bit of a tiring one for me. My husband came down with a virus on Sunday night. The fever lasted for over 2 days and he was miserable. He doesn't get sick very often. I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time in our whole marriage (6 years). As I was wearing myself out taking care of him; he said to me at one time: "I need to do more for your when you're not feeling well." I thought, well if that's what it takes...then it's been worth all the effort for me! It was so hard to see a 31 year old so sick with the chills and just so weak; thankfully it wasn't the swine flu.


Emma said...

You have been busy!!! You'll have to teach me someday. I can't wait to see my little nephews! When they come after Christmas of course!

Suzie-Q said...

It is nice to find something to help you keep busy even when you can't do anything. I'm jealous that you get to do those fun projects. I wish I knew how to crochet. I just pretend I know how to sew.

Katy Schepis Edmondson said...

Haven't talked to ya in awhile. How are you doing?
not much longer. Im sure you are getting really excited to have the babies here.
I was just thinking of you the other day. I was watching a documentary on TV about donating eggs. I was considering doing it. What are your thought on it after doing the IVF? Sorry for being so personal.

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