Sunday, December 27, 2009

34 Weeks (Nursery Pics and Update)

Well, I've made it to 34 weeks! I can't believe it's come so quickly and am really starting to wonder if we're ready for these babies. Per everything I've read, they would be healthy if they came now; although they may have to stay in the NICU for a couple days to a week. We asked Dr. W. at last week's appointment and she said that usually after passing the 36 week mark (Jan 10th) the babies would be able to come home with us from the hospital. Through this pregnancy I have followed many twin blogs with the hope that I can learn and see when their twins were born. Most of the babies that came before 36 weeks came on their own due to prior complications or the woman's water broke. I guess we need to keep in mind too that complications could develop at any time that would mandate an early exit.

This last week's appointment wasn't that exciting (how can they be when you see the Dr. every week!). She wants me to stay on an antibiotic for the rest of the pregnancy because she feels that I will continue to get bladder infections if I don't. Take it from me; bladder infections are no fun! My goal for my next appointment on Thursday to gain some weight since I didn't at my last appointment. We are really looking forward to our appt on January 7th (if we make it..). This would be our final growth appointment to see how much the boys weigh. I'm hoping that they both would be 6 lbs. We'll be continuing to pray for the best.

Lastly for this post... here is a nursery picture. Christian surprised me with KU Jayhawk(what else!) baby crib bedding and then we bought stickers for their walls. He has been quite the organizer as he had spent a lot of time in there organizing and getting things ready.

Here's the picture:


Suzie-Q said...

Congrats on making it this far! That is great news!
I also know that Bladder infections are the worst. I had them all the time with my last pregnancy.

Janelle said...

That nursery is pretty spirited! ugh.. I also hate bladder infections- I can't even imagine having one WHILE pregnant! Hope all goes well.. I am excited for you guys!

Emma said...

It looks great Valerie. I'm glad we were able to see you last week. Hope all goes well in the coming weeks.

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