Monday, December 14, 2009

32 Weeks!

Here is the much awaited 32 weeks post... I'll divide it so it's easier to read.

Doctor's Appointment

Last Thursday we went to our much anticipated doctor's appointment. I say much anticipated because I had been released from the hospital on the Sunday before on strict bed rest. We were really hoping it would be relaxed to modified bed rest. That way I can still take Maddie out for her bathroom breaks during the day.

Thursday's appointment:
  • Baby A is 4 lbs 6 oz ; Baby B is 4 lbs 13 oz
  • Both look to be healthy
  • Baby A is still head down and Baby B is in the process of getting there. On Thursday, he is in the fetal position with his head buried in his brother's stomach with his legs lodged in my ribs. Hopefully he'll turn all the way and finally be head down
  • My Cervix went from 3.6 to 2.5 which is pretty common after all the contractions last week. However now every week they will be checking to see if I'm dilated and how it looks from the inside. Thursday's the official verdict was a "softish" cervix.
  • Doctor told us that as long as we can hold them in another 2 weeks, she would be fine delivering them Christmas week IF I went into labor then. This is so good to know that IF they do decide to come early... they will be healthy!!!
Saturday Baby Shower

On Saturday, my wonderful ward threw me a great baby shower. The whole morning before the shower and through it all I had to keep pinching myself. I couldn't believe that this baby shower was for me. We have waited so long for this our moment to come!! It seems like I have been to baby shower after baby shower for my siblings, friends and the like. Some I have had to hold back tears wondering when it would actually be for me and my baby. Never did I dream I would have one for me and my babies!!! People in my ward are so kind; we were really blessed. I know that we'll continue to be blessed when they arrive.

Here's a sampling of what we received
  • Countless adorable outfits
  • lots of diapers (we definitely will need more but it's a start)
  • baby bath tub and bath supplies
  • diaper genie
  • blankets
  • and much more!
Plus, we received a big box of gifts from my husband's mom which I'm so excited for. Next step is to cut tags off and wash all the clothes and get them situated in the babies' room/ nursery. I think that is the plan for tonight's Family Home Evening.


Suzie-Q said...

What a great update. glad to hear that things are going so wonderful for you. I hope the next couple of week go well for you too.

The Adams family said...

hopefully they are still boys, That was always my fear when I was doing all the washing. you always hear of it happening! Glad you are feeling better and your ward is taking good care of you!

Carli W. said...

I'm glad your ward's taking care of you! I hope you don't go too stir-crazy, but it's nice to have the excuse that you need to sit down when you're as far along as you are. I just realized I don't have your address...and possibly phone number, would you mind e-mailing those to me? Thanks!

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