Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving and More

Here are some bullet points from out last Doctor appointment. (29 weeks!) --
  • Gained another 2 lbs
  • My cervix is lengthening - my doctor still recommends bed-rest as it is helping this problem immensely
  • Protein found in urine and now I am being tested for preeclampsia. I guess we'll find out next week if will be a problem.
  • Measuring 34 weeks! (5 weeks ahead)
  • In the ultrasound, we found a little baby's foot just centimeters away from his other brother's head. Come to find out, one little one is being kicked! As my husband says, "and so it begins.
  • Baby A is still head down but baby B continues to be breech with no desire to flip
  • Due to previous bullet point, a C-section is looking more like our option as our doctor WILL NOT deliver vaginally unless both babies are head down (vertex) position.
Now onto Thanksgiving...

Another purpose of the doctor appointment yesterday was to see if my doctor would allow us to travel to Whidbey Island for Thanksgiving with Christian's great Aunt and Uncle. Earlier I realized that I wouldn't be too upset if we didn't go and was surprised when my husband brought up that same issue before I said anything. Our doctor didn't exactly nix it but said that it would probably be safer if we didn't go. I have been cramping a lot lately when I have been overly active and we thought it would be better if we just stayed at home. Plus we didn't want to fight the ferry traffic on Thursday morning.

Our Thanksgiving this year was held with some people in our ward. I had learned on Sunday they had invited us over if we didn't go to Whidbey Island. It was a lot of fun. I brought our families' traditional cranberry salad and we had a scrumptious feast. Dinner was wonderful and the turkey was just how I wanted it (moist and tender). The wife and I discussed baby stuff as she has 2 and one on the way.

This holiday I couldn't help thinking how many things there are to be grateful for this year. These babies are on top of that list. It is funny as I type because they are going crazy!!

Now as the day after Thanksgiving, everything points toward Christmas. It will be a different Christmas this year as we will spend it for the FIRST time every at our own apartment. Since I will be 34 weeks at Christmas, there will be definitely no flying to either family. If the babies don't surprise us by then, we are looking forward to a yummy Christmas Eve Feast with family here in town. One thing I will miss this season is the Christmas shopping; since I'm no longer allowed out on my feet. It makes my husband excited though, he is quite content shopping for his own gifts for me to wrap. He's almost done buying for me and I can't think of one thing I told him that I wanted!!

Here is the picture of the little one's foot... If you look closely, it's next to his brother's head.


Deanna said...

I'm glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving. Keep taking care of yourself and the little ones.

Bethany said...

That's hilarious about the head kicking. One ultrasound we had with Andrew showed him "pushing the gas pedal" as our doctor put it (he knew how much Matt likes cars and such). I'm glad your health has been good so far; hope it continues to be good for you!

Emma said...

I'm glad Christian is taking great care of you. Please let us know if we can do anything to help! I can't wait to see you - hopefully before Christmas Eve!

Suzie-Q said...

This also was our first Thanksgiving with just our family. It ended up being so much fun too.
the babies look happy and healthy. And it sounds as if you are doing pretty great too.
Thanks for the update, and keep us all posted on what happens next!

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