Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Last Saturday night, our ward had their trunk or treat. This was to be our first trunk or treat and we weren't exactly sure how it would work. I was a little nervous, not knowing how the boys would do. They ate at 2:30 and played for awhile. At about 4:30 we decided since it was still over 70 outside, we'd take them to the park and swing on the swings. Apparently this helped convince them that they didn't need that 3rd nap; or so I thought.

We fed them about 5 and then got in the car to go. Earlier in the afternoon, I had made 2 batches of Rice Krispie treats to hand out while we were there. Christian and I had been craving candy so badly, it seemed so wrong to buy a ton only to give it out to other people. :) I literally jumped at the idea (suggested by Christian's mom) to make Rice Krispies. I think I spent $3. In the end, I had about 50 so I thought I would have enough. I was so wrong.

When we arrived, we found out that this was tri-ward function for all 3 wards that attend our building. Sadly I knew that I didn't have enough treats. There was about 30 minutes of waiting (until everyone got there, cars ready and costumes situated just right). In that 30 minutes, Payden fell asleep in his costume in my arms. We decided that I would stay behind with him in my arms and hand out candy from the back of the car. Christian took Patrick and walked with another family to trick or treat. I think he was more excited than Patrick to get candy!

Christian finally returned to the car with Patrick snoozing in his arms and told me to take Payden who was now awake around trick or treating. I couldn't believe it, it was too good to be true!! I guess... double the children, double the trick or treating power and double the candy. We had a great loot and we've been eating it like crazy. I guess it tells you how long it's been since we splurged on candy!

Here are some pictures from the wonderful night.

Our little bugs - Payden a Bumblebee and Patrick a Spider. We got some huge bags of clothes from a past ward member and there was a bumblebee costume in it. Then Christian's mom bought the spider one for Patrick. The temperature was just perfect. They needed a jacket and the costumes worked out perfectly!

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