Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rock Chawk, Jayhawk!

Yesterday, Christian received 4 free tickets to KU basketball's opening game of the season. Why 4 tickets you ask? At the magnificent Allen Field House, they require tickets for everyone INCLUDING infants. Just last night we saw 4 tickets were advertised at $100.00. One of Christian's patients was appreciated of the wonderful work of therapy that he had did and wanted to reward him.

He couldn't have chosen a better way. We set out for the biggest adventure of our lives!

Here are the KU outfits of choice - Christian's sister bought the little jersey's. They are 12 month and fit them just fine!

I have to say the boys had a lot of fun! When we got there, their eyes were HUGE, taking it all in: the noise, the band and the bright lights. They were like that until 5 minutes into the first period and Payden fell asleep and then Patrick 10 minutes later. They each had a 20 minute nap and then woke up hungry for their bottles. Once the bottles were drunk (ie ..inhaled) they were much happier. Payden was fine until halftime when I went to get refreshments. When I came back he realized how much more fun it was to be away from all the noise. Patrick, on the other hand, relished EVERY bit of it. He is so much more of a social bug.

For the next 45 minutes or so, I was wondering Allen Field House with Payden. We saw the NCAA Trophy up close and even got to touch a few basketballs. Then there was time to explore the gift shop. I was amazed how many parents were buying whatever their kids wanted. It must be nice. About 8:30 or so, I got a text from Chrisitan saying Patrick was getting antsy. I met him up there and we walked down and began our trip to the car and then home.

Making it to the car was quite the site because of the rain. We had zipped our coats over the babies who were in Baby Bjorns so they wouldn't get wet. Then after 10 min in the car they were SOUND ASLEEP. We made a quick stop at Hyvee in order to get some of the sales and then went home to put the tired little guys to sleep.

Here are some pictures... I wish we would have had better ones of the 4 of us but oh well.

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