Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Belated List of Thanks

Life just moves on and on. Soon these boys will be 10 months old. Where or where has the time gone. Last year around this time, I was so very pregnant and so ready to finally meet my boys. While we are so grateful for these little lives that bring smiles to our faces, we never knew it would be so much work!

Let's not forget the many wonderful blessings that come from them as well.

21. Snuggles with boys before bedtimes.

22. Splashing and laughing at bath-time. I'm so happy it's a fun experience now. We definitely need more bath toys!! Any good suggestions?

23. Free KU tickets to the Opening game of the season and witnessing the BIGGEST smile on my husband's face. He was so happy introducing his boys to the KU Jayhawks!

24. Colder nights with more time for snuggles and also Maddie burrowing under the covers to get warm.

25. The new "games" the boys come up with. Yesterday it was, "lets pull Maddie's tail while she runs in circles and try not to fall over." They were laughing so hard.

26. Kind and thoughtful patients the Christian helps. Yesterday, he got some smoked rib tips and a whole smoked chicken that they had extra of and wanted to reward Christian for his hard work!

27. A very mobile Payden as he moves all over the floor. Patrick just watches; I'm hoping he'll get envious and start moving too.

28. A very spiritual Enrichment last week with a rousing game of volleyball afterward. Our wards have started playing volleyball and since it starts AFTER the boys are asleep, I go and thoroughly enjoy myself!

29. Beautiful leaves that are still changing. We have 2 trees around the town-homes that have red and yellow leaves. I love the sound of the CRUNCH!

30. Grocery store smiles - I put Payden in the Grocery Cart for the first time. He had the time of his life! We were talking and talking the whole time.

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Jessica said...

We just got the octopus bubble blower piano thing from Walmart for the bathtub! The girls love it! It sings songs and blows bubbles!

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