Friday, October 22, 2010

First Pumpkin Patch!

Did I ever tell you how much I love my Fridays!

#1. it's Friday and I get to spend the next 2 whole days (the weekend) with my husband who I miss so much during the week

#2 My mother in law comes on Friday to help out. Our goal is usually to get out of the house which I love. Also, our church gets together on Fridays with other young mothers. We have a singing group where we sing actions songs and get to visit.

Today they were headed to the pumpkin patch. We never saw them but oh well.. we got there a little late.

We left the house about 10:45 and stopped first to see Christian and his coworkers. They hadn't seen the boys for awhile. Then we left for the patch. Still negotiating and getting to the patch took awhile. Plus I was driving and it had been forever since I drove...

Some highlights...
  • getting out of the house and loving every minute of it!!
  • A newborn calf (2 months) mooed right in our faces. We have 3 books that shows how a cow says moo and now they get to see it up close and personal. I loved showing it to them
  • buying Fresh Peach salsa as a present for Christian
  • Seeing a pig that was huge at only 7 months. It did some perfect snorting for us too!
  • Taking pictures on the pumpkin and then taking pictures with the boys.
  • riding the hail ride out to the pumpkin patch and seeing all the different varieties of pumpkins.
And now pictures!


Julia said...

I love pumpkin patch pictures, almost as much as I love fall! Love it! Yay for getting out of the house. It makes the day go so much faster, doesn't it?!

Lind Family said...

Looks like a fun time. Love the pics!

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