Monday, October 18, 2010

Countings Blessings

One of my blogging friends, Melissa from Bumblebee Grace started doing something on her blog awhile ago. Every Monday she gives thanks to the things that she receives.

I thought it was an incredible idea and a way/outlet for me to show thanks to my Heavenly Father for all he has given me. I know that as I do this, I will become more and more aware of the little moments that happen each day.

Without delay...

1.. Beautiful fall colors

2. Baby boys that are getting used to sleeping thru the night. Only 1 relapse due to teething in 1 week.

3. Getting more quality sleep =Better milk supply. The past week, the boys have got 2 full feedings of breastmilk when they usually only get one full bottle and then 1/2 and 1/2 through the rest of the day.

4. Cuddles and songs with Mom before nap time

5. Cooler temperatures - high of 74 and cool night.

6. Boys in bed by 8pm - wondered what to do with myself until bedtime.

7. Christian taking the boys home from church for a good nap and letting me have a rare uninterrupted day of Relief Society.

8. Yummy fried rice for dinner - thanks to our neighbor who supplied the soy sauce since we realized late into the game that we didn't have any.

9. Leftover fried Rice for lunch

10. Lots of plums, apples and apricots to puree for my little boys.

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Melissa Ann said...

Yay for counting what is given to us! Hop over to the blog linked at the bottom of my Multitude Monday's post. Ann Voskamp has a gift for expressing what is truly important in the Lord's eyes.

Let me tell you about sippies: it's another one of those hidden (or simply forgotten) mom secrets like the well kept one about breastfeeding being so hard! My girls did not learn to tip back a sippy cup until almost a year. They could not figure the thing out. Straw cups they could do but they didn't really care for them too much and I had to hold them for the girls in the beginning. We have the Nuby no spill flex straw cups. They're linked on the what to register for post. The handle-less ones are easier to use at first. Also there are a $2 set of 4 straw cup at the store called "Take and Toss" Those are the simplest to learn with but they are not spill proof. I put smoothies in those cups because the valve in the spill proof cups gets clogged with smoothie chunks.

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