Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Night to Remember - Introducing Solids

At Christian's house this weekend, we were eating ice cream and the boys both acted like they were interested. We offered them a little and they both liked it. I knew we weren't supposed to feed them much of it. I've been putting off starting cereal because I didn't think they were ready and I knew we didn't have high chairs. It seems that they were definitely ready and the high chairs aren't needed as badly as I thought.

So tonight I sent Christian a text to pick up some rice cereal on the way home from work. I thought that we'd see how the boys do eating in their bouncers. Who knows maybe it will help them sleep better? I've read that it doesn't but we'll see. We started feeding them and they liked it. Patrick still has the tongue thrust and spit a lot of it out but we found that if we put it toward the roof of his mouth, he would swallow it. Payden was a different story. When we fed Patrick, we noticed Payden's mouth was wide open and his legs were going a mile a minute. We fed Payden, he swallowed and then opened for more. He loved it!

I think this moment will always be in my memory. I'm feeding the boys cereal while Christian eats his dinner. He stops and takes over for me so I can start eating. Then we go back and forth like that until everyone (Christian, I and boys) have all eaten. I know that feeding solids is going to be more stressful for me instead of just milk but I think it will be fun too. It's a different stage in their lives and it hits me over and over how much their growing up.

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