Monday, January 18, 2010

Things I don't want to Forget (Part 1)*

  1. June 2nd: the day we found out we were going to be parents but nervous also.
  2. June 22: Our first ultrasound where we saw it was twins. We saw their little blobs with hearts just a beating. After what happened last year with my pregnancy, it brought me to tears to see their little hearts.
  3. Finding out that they were 2 little boys and somehow knowing this is was where we were supposed to be at this time of our lives
  4. Feeling their kicks for the first time - surreal moment of it all
  5. Always feeling my stomach for their body parts - head, back, bottom, and legs
  6. The day we went to Target and I lost my husband. I assumed that he has escaped to the Entertainment section but then I found him in the baby section with his arms full of baby stuff. (This has happened 2 more times, it is so adorable!).
  7. The VERY first official shopping trip to Babies R us; and being so overwhelmed as we realized we needed 2 of almost everything.
  8. Rocking in the glider in the empty babies' bedroom imagining a room full of babies and a dream come true.
  9. Maddie always sleeping on my baby bump at night on the couch.
  10. The Journey of Life that got us to this point - it was such a hard journey but I know that without the hard journey, I wouldn't be as grateful right now to be where we are.
* Part I - because I know there may be more that I'll remember.


The Adams family said...

there will be many more parts to come with children in your life. Enjoy all of it. Glad that everything is going so well.

Emma said...

Fun memories! Can't wait to see those little boys!

Aimee said...

I am so excited for you both!!!

Andrea said...

This makes my heart warm! Your boys are so blessed to have you! Enjoy every second, it goes SO fast!!

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