Thursday, January 7, 2010

35 Weeks (and 4 days) - Much to Think About...

Our OB appointment went really well today. When our doctor walked in, I had this deja vu moment. I remember very clearly our very first appointment when she told us how HAPPY she'd be if we could make it to January. Then I suddenly realized that it was January.


Here's a bullet list of points my OB appointment today
  • We had our last(!) growth ultrasound today. I think I'll miss the ultrasounds that last 30 minutes while I sit and watch the screen of our babies and then clean massive amounts of goop off my stomach.
  • Babies are growing!! Baby A is 5 lbs 6 oz & Baby B is 6 lbs 8 oz. These aren't totally exact but that's a close estimate (maybe a pound off either way).
  • I'm dilated 1 cm (a fingertip).
  • My doctor okayed my continued absence from work as to try to keep these babies in as long as possible.
  • Funny note: Baby A is lodged against my left pubic/hip bone and isn't budging. We learned that while he is wedged in there, he has his hand behind his head. I have been feeling weird sensations of kicking and scraping. The fun started tonight when he was doing that WITH the hiccups. Definitely a feeling I will never forget!!
Now to the debate:

During our ultrasound we learned that Baby B is still not in the vertex (head down) position that is needed for a vaginal delivery of both babies. All I have every wanted is a vaginal delivery for both of these babies. Doctor W. said today that if I were to go into labor tonight with one head down and the other transverse, we could delivery Baby A vaginally but Baby B would be via C Section. That sounds stupid to me; why go through both types with double the recovery? She agreed and said if that was the case then we might as well just do a C section for both.

Now hours after my appointment, I realize I should have asked her if there is any chance that she could turn the transverse baby in order to delivery him vaginally as well. I'm just not sure with her comfort level and if she would do that. I was really hoping IF AT ALL POSSIBLE to avoid the C Section. After all there are so many strikes against it in my opinion. To name a few: longer recovery time, possible respiratory problems with the babies (vaginal birth forces air through their lungs.. etc), and a very real possible need to have a C section again in the future. Then again, this is a special case and may just necessitate a C section.

In the meantime, I guess we'll just pray really hard that Baby B decides to get with the program and head on down like his brother. ?? Does anyone know of any ways to get a stubborn baby to move to the head down position? My mom suggested to mop the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. Who knows, maybe I'll give it a try!! ?? Or Any other views on C sections?

One last note... my doctor joking added that she's on call this weekend so if I want to have these babies this weekend, she'd be at the hospital. My husband and I looked at each other and laughed at that! It's sure crazy that we're just about there!


Suzie-Q said...

When my sister had her twins She had one each way.
I don't know what to tell you. But don't stress over it too much. When they are ready you'll know.

rogersinkc said...

I had my first vaginally and Haylie was an emergency C-section. We're done, but IF we were to have had any more and I was given the option; it would be C-section all the way! I LOVED having the nurses take care of me longer in the hospital, and I didn't think recovery at home was anything extensive. I did have to take it easy for a while, but that lets hubby take on some responsibilities (if he is able to be home). Mike was able to take a whole week off when I got home. So that is my opinion.

John & Melanie said...

I was in your situation with McKenna and it was Dr. W who delivered her. She was breech as well and we ended up doing a c-section. the good news is that my other 2 have been vaginals since Valley still does them. I've heard that a midwife can get them to move-and a dr might but it won't guarentee the baby will stay that way. Your mom is on the right track. I was also told to get on all 4's and stay that way for some time allowing all the fluid to fall forward and giving the best chance of a baby being able to move. A c-section really wasn't that bad-but I remember just wanting a vaginal as well. We'll keep praying! Congrats on still holding onto those babies. You're doing awesome!!!

Melissa Ann said...

Oh, Valerie, I wanted a vaginal so bad as well, but my Baby A was the stubborn one :( It was so worth it though and honestly the worst part was getting out of bed from a horizontal position when I got home. I have c-section tips on my blog and a my birth story is a play by play of a c-section. At 35 weeks and 4 days you're almost out of the woods on breathing issues. Oh and one plus of a c-section-shorter lochia ;)

Here's the c-section tip link:

And I tried everything possible to get Baby A to turn: lying upside down on a ironing board, cleaning baseboards, doing flips in the pool, shining a light or playing music where I wanted her head... There's just not room... but still pray. But be comforted in knowing that a section isn't too bad when the reward is so wonderful!

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