Thursday, May 19, 2011

RRT - Random Thoughts and happenings

FYI - I had this completed yesterday but saved instead of posted it... was going to add pictures.

I'll do another post with pictures later today.


We have had quite the week so far.. hopefully there are yet more surprises in store...

  • Patrick took 5 steps consecutively into his Daddy's arms yesterday! But this morning has seem to forgotten that he did. Hopefully this weekend, will lead to many more opportunities
  • Payden is talking more and more. Lately he has been copying what he have been saying. So far we have heard: fish, read, cheese and also clean. The clean is a funny one, Christian washed him up after dinner yesterday and said you're clean in a high pitched voice and Payden completed copied it! He did it over and over again! Also when I gave him a piece of ham, he picked it up and declared, "ham" and put it in his mouth. So totally priceless!
  • Patrick is also teething again and once we put him down, he is SO restless between 11 and 2:30 that by 3, he'll crash and wake up grumpy. Of course, I didn't get any sleep either so it's makes for a long day. I tried to give him Motrin early this morning but couldn't get him to take it and he just screamed. But he crashed from 12:30 to 6:45am without a peep. Sure wish these teeth would hurry and come in!
  • Last night I wish I had my camera close for Patrick's walking and also Payden's climbing. We have quite a stack of boxes collecting in our living room as we prepare to move to our 3 bedroom town-home (Yay). I put some toys up on top of boxes (stacked 2 high). There was one box (one high) sitting next to it and apparently Payden wanted those toys. He climbed up there on his feet (no crawling) and got the toys down.
  • Then today before breakfast, the boys are making a mess in the kitchen: Payden is emptying my kitchen drawers and throwing cutting boards every which way. Patrick has found the dryer and is emptying it of clean clothes that he found in there. Then Patrick finds the dog bowl and picks it up and puts it is the garbage. But then finds a soda can in the garbage and is so excited to play with it. This twin toddler-chasing thing is going to get so fun! (enter sarcasm). I have to admit it's definitely cute once!
  • Did I mention we're moving? I am so excited but worried that we won't have enough help to get the boys taken care of, everything moved over and then this old place cleaned. I'm embarrassed as with two little ones, we haven't cleaned as much as we should and I know it's gross and will probable take awhile.
  • Ok, enough with worries, I'm excited to move though. It is a 3 bedroom town-home . It has a basement that will soon become the boys toy room and we'll actually have a living room that we can keep clean (we hope!) I'm sure there will be toys sometimes but the bulk of them can be downstairs. We will finally have an office for the computer and a place to put my sewing machine!
  • Payden has turned into a little cuddle-bug as of late. He'll crawl over to me and stand up and then put his head on my shoulder or start jumping. My favorite is when he grabs my back and pulls my ponytail; all the while jumping up and down. He is such a little character!
  • Patrick is just busy, busy, busy... he'll be so glad for some extra space to crawl and explore. His favorite is the stairs and I've lost him a few times as he can scale them SO quickly now. He also is jabbering all the time, all nonsense of course but seems to think it means something.

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