Thursday, April 21, 2011

RTT - Random Thoughts Thursday

Here's some random thoughts for today...

1). I officially have a climber! While I was playing with Payden, I looked to see that Patrick had climbed on top of the box of books and pulled to standing against the shelf of books. They LOVE to pull books off the shelves; I guess he just figured out how to get the books on the higher shelves..
After pulling him down time after time, I had to think fast! I pulled some cushions down for the couch and that got his attention. In no time he found that the couch was way easier to climb up on and after 10-15 minutes, his new climbing fascinations was tempered for maybe 20 minutes (until he remembered how fun it was to pull at all the books...)

My life is definitely getting busier...

2) We almost have 2 toddlers (in every meaning of the word). They are so close to walking, I can taste it!!

Payden has been cruising ALL OVER and walks just about everywhere as long as he is holding onto something. He loves to walk with you holding his hands. Just lately, he has started letting go for short periods of time to play with a toy and just stand all by himself. Also, today we played Ring around the Rosy 5 different times until I got a little dizzy. It's only a matter of time.

Patrick has only been pulling up for a short while but he is also starting to cruise. The one thing that Patrick has shown tons of interest in is standing by himself. It's all a game to him until he falls forward. It doesn't matter where he is, he'll just let go and stand there! We have a little game the Physical Therapist taught us. We stand them in front of us and hold there hands and do "Shake shake" and twist their arms and upper body and then let go as they practice standing. Patrick will now stand up to us and shake our hands to play over and over again.

3). On the feeding front - they ate real spaghetti!!! I was so happy. We've had 3 times now and they just love it. Maybe it's the Italian blood in them (from my husband's side of the family.). I just used a bottle of sauce, added bananas and applesauce to it and then ground up the noodles. I was thinking today that I could make a bunch of sauce and put it in baby food jars to freeze and have on hand for some easy lunches. I thought too that maybe I could continue to grind but just not so fine so they get used to bigger and bigger pieces. It excites me that we're finally gaining a little bit in this department! Yay!!

Lastly here a few photos - courtesy of my cell phone.. I promise I have some cute ones (from my camera no less) coming in my next post if I can get to it today.


Carrie said...

Those boys are PRECIOUS! I was thrilled to read that we have the same roadblocks- but this kind of post inspires me! Writing about those little, crazy, sweet moments is what I am trying to do to. :)

K Lind said...

Yay for milestones! That are such cute little stinkers! :-)

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