Thursday, April 14, 2011

RTT - Mostly an update!

Yay! I finally have regular visiting teachers! I love contact with the outside world!! It was so nice to sit and chat and talk to her. And she brought me these beautiful daffodils from her garden...

Random updates of information for today..

1. Payden has a new word: his favorite food. Banana. He calls it a "Ba." Today I gave them cut up pears for breakfast but he wasn't eating them real well. Toward the end, I asked if he wanted a banana and he repeated Ba four times. I gave in and gave him his banana. It's so cute as he will lift it up and say Ba before putting it in his mouth!

2. Today Patrick discovered a new game - putting every shoe from our shoe rack in a laundry basket and then started with his toys too. He definitely understands the word, "in" We're working on "out."

3. It's been a tough week and a half for us as Patrick is apparently getting his molars in. Last week around Wednesday I realized that he was really tugging on his ears and not sleeping at all. He wakes up every hour to two hours and cries for his pacifier. When he's not sick or teething, he plops it right back in the soothes himself. Last night was HORRIBLE night for me. This last weekend we were able to get him to sleep better with motrin which dulled the pain. The trick is getting him to take it. Anyone know if you can add medicine in their milk or food? I really think he'd feel better if he took it but he'll just spit it out. He usually give it in a bottle nipple but he's caught onto that and won't take it. Please pray these teeth come in soon!!!!

4. Also with the teething and a milestone I think for this age (almost 15 months) his separation anxiet is really bad. Patrick will scream when Christian leaves for work and also cries at the window because he wants outside. If it was just crying, I could handle that but it's not. When he cries, it escalates and he throws up. Yeah, smell of rotten milk.. not appetizing at the least. Anyone used to this and know what to do or will it always happen like this? It's frustrating.

5. We're holding stead at 2 bottles a day: just morning and night. They love their bottles. However on Sunday I brought out the straw sippy cups (Payden was going after a little girls sippy at church, he wanted it so bad). We were so surprised that Patrick just sipped and sipped his milk. We were so happy because he just won't tip back the other Gerber sippy that we have. I guess we need to go buy more straw sippy cups! :) Hopefully one more step closer to getting rid of bottles.

6. On the Feeding front, it also have been a frustrating point. But in my search I realized that we went from puree right to table food. I really didn't transition and boy is there a transition. So starting this week I have been grinding real food and helping them used to regular food and the different textures. So far it has been good. I made homemade macaroni and cheese the other night and ground it up. Then added some of their sweet potato chicken baby food to it and also peaches. They loved it. I had enough for 2 meals! Then today, I had a Gerber 3rd meal of spaghetti but didn't have high hopes about it. Now they like the texture and ate it just fine. I also added some applesauce and some banana too it and they liked it. It was 5 gm of protein which made me smile! Someday soon, maybe they'll like real spaghetti!

Pictures of their spaghetti laden both of them need their hair cut. I am trying to gather the courage as both have curls and I hope that they'll come back.. :)


Holly said...

They are SO dang cute! I wish Kooper had curls. He's 16 months & I've given him about 2 dozen haircuts because his hair is so straight it pokes out everywhere. Good luck!!!

Alana said...

Hey Valerie. This is Alana from high school. A couple of doctors have given me some great tips when it comes to teething and medicine, so I thought I would share.

When it comes to medicine, put the dropper towards the back of the cheek, sort of near the back molars. If you do this while the kiddo is lying down or being held, it basically slides down the throat without them really having to taste it. Also, blow in their face quickly as soon as you put the meds in. It makes them swallow so they don't have a chance to spit it out. They don't necessarily like it, but it's what I had to do to get antibiotics down once and it works well.

Another doctor gave my family what he calls a dad trick, not a doctor trick. For teething, pain from braces, etc, his family always uses this. You have to get Benadryl liquid capsules (diphenhydramine if you are going generic). If you poke the capsule with a pin and squeeze out the liquid on your fingers, you can then apply it to the gums. It tastes gross, but I've used it on my own canker sores and it numbs the area for a lot longer than other products. The doctor said it works way better than teething products. The only thing you have to watch for is Benadryl either can make kids sleepy or have the totally opposite effect and make them wired. The sleepy side is nice. If it makes them wired you'll just have to be careful when you give it to them in relationship to naps.

Hope that helps you. I know those tips have made things easier for us.

PTAAJ said...

It's not the most elegant solution, but Tylenol comes in suppository form and then your kids have no say in taking the medicine or not. Also, yes you can add Motrin to food, they problem becomes if you can measure how much they actually ingested, so you may either underdose (which is ineffective) or overdose (which of course is dangerous.)

With Abby we have used the suppository Tylenol her whole life and really recommend it.

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