Thursday, February 10, 2011

Playing Together

This afternoon, I took Patrick and Payden upstairs around 2pm like I always do. I like to give them time to wind down (ie ..crawl around and tire themselves out) before their afternoon nap. Some days it works, other days.. it doesn't seem to.

It was the cutest thing to see them playing and interacting with one another. Payden had found a pacifier on the ground and was contently sucking. Patrick saw him and started crawling at him. There was a wrestle with some arms and legs and finally Patrick got it. Then Payden came after Patrick and Patrick got a MAJOR case of the giggles as Payden did everything in his power to get the pacifier back. Payden even grabbed Patrick's shirt and pulled him to the ground (Patrick just laughed harder) and finally got it. They would do this 2 more times together over a silly pacifier.

I just hope that Patrick's giggle remains. Typically when there is "stealing" involved; there is crying too. It was so cute to see them play together like that.

Last of all - I've taken some cute pictures on my phone lately.

Here are a couple of Patrick... Lately he has been into EVERYTHING.

I had opened the fridge, to prepare dinner and Patrick immediately crawled over to "help." I think this face says, "Not squash again, Mom."

Last Saturday, we put the boys coats on to go to the library. As I was packing a few things, we lost sight of Patrick. He had found that his suit goes very fast on tile and he had sneaked off into the kitchen.

And here are a couple of Payden - He likes to just sit and play with toys and dance to the music at the activity table. He loves to smile. I love how you just see those teeth.

This is a post-nap picture. He woke up early and was super happy. Notice his hair. We probably need to get it cut; it's over his ears. Also someone at church thought he was a girl (in blue snowsuit mind you).

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