Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Birthday Party! (12 months)

Here is a recap of how our boys celebrated their 1 year old birthday. Plus some pictures!

The Decorations!
(side note: when we brought the boys down after their nap, their eyes went wide when they saw all the decorations and balloons. It was super cute!)

We planned their birthday party with family for the Sunday before their actual birthday (Monday). Due to another winter storm that was supposed to hit Sunday, we moved it to Saturday, January 23rd.

Christian's family arrived at 4:00 which was good as the boys were just up from naps and happy. Christian's mom had wrapped her gifts in little bags with tissue paper. She thought that this would be easier than wrapped gifts and it was! It was so neat to watch Patrick and Payden pick out the tissue from the bags and then reach inside to find their gifts. They got a couple of toys, some outfits and lots of books! About 5pm, we served Pulled Pork Sandwiches that were delicious and a variety of salads while the boys played with their toys. It was fun because Payden had just mastered crawling and we were trying to get him to crawl places to showcase his new talent. Hard to believe, but Patrick would start crawling, the very next day!

After I fed them around 5:30, it was time for cake! I made a Chocolate-Texas Sheet Cake that was so moist and good! Then I made white cupcakes for the boys to eat and mash. I wish I could say they loved their cupcakes and ate them and smashed them everywhere. They did not. Patrick wasn't even interested which we know now that he was suffering from the stomach flu that weekend and we didn't realize it. Payden, however, picked up the cupcake, mashed it between his fingers and promptly dropped it off his tray. It was still cute, though. We had fun and were glad that they had a day of fun to remember for their birthday.

Pictures! (All credit goes again to Lindsay, as it was too crazy for me).

Payden reaching in for a birthday surprise!

Patrick and Daddy finding new 12m pajamas! Camouflage!!

Payden loving his books!

Patrick cuddling with Grandma

Payden enjoying time with Aunt Lindsay and Brooke

You can hear it now! "We're supposed to do what!" They didn't know what to do with their cupcakes.

Payden grabbed his and smashed the frosting but WOULD not taste it. Then promptly threw it on the ground. Patrick wouldn't even touch it, as we found out later was because he was sick.

The Big Cake! (I ate WAY too much of this the next week after).


Aimee said...

I can't believe that they are so big!!!!

Holly said...

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always nice to meet twin mamas who "get it". What a journey we have in store for us. I know, can you believe my girl and her teeth. Craziness! You certainly have two little heartbreakers on your hands. So cute! Happy Birthday to your sweet boys.

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