Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well, I decided it was time for me to begin my own blog. You may be wondering about the name of of my blog. It came from a book from Karen Kingsbury. In the book, A girl that had down sydrome was scared of the rain. She was told by her friend that it was okay because there was sunshine just beyond the clouds. I see this phrase as a analogy of our lives sometimes. Sometimes our lives seem much different that what we imagine it would be. The important thing is to remember that even if your life isn't what you imagined it would be at this time, there is sunshine just beyond the clouds.
Yesterday, Christian and I went to Dash Point Beach in Federal Way. We were there 2 weeks ago and there were lots of blackberries. We went back yesterday to pick some for a pie. We got so many, minus the ones that were used for quality taste testing. Next time though, we need to remember to wear long pants and have gloves because the thorns were much bigger than we thought they'd be.
Last of all, I want to introduce our pug, Maddie. She is 5 years old and full of love. Yes, she does seem to get into lots of trouble but we love her so much. She is so much part of our family that we call her our little girl.

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Daralee said...

Great title for the blog. I loved the comment about that book. What is the name of that book because I would love to read it. What an awesome analogy.


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