Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year for Halloween, Patrick and Payden were Robin Hood and a Race Car Driver. While part of me wished that the two costumes would have some correlation to each other.. in the end they turned out to be just fine.  We read the story about Robin Hood and Patrick loved his character... Payden loved his costume and how it fit so well and easy to take on and off.

Friday October 30th, the 3 wards that meet in our Church building held a Trunk or Treat with a small carnival to start before. The carnival games were to be held in the gym. When that day came though, it was pouring rain and everything was moved inside.  It was beyond crazy with so many people there, many whom we didn't know.

As with most things.. we waited for awhile for it to start. Payden really enjoyed one of the carnival bowling games that had been set up for kids to play with. Once w'd decided to start all the parents lined up around the hallways prepared to hand out candy. I took Patrick and Payden, Christian stayed behind to hand out some candy.  We joined the throngs of the crowds walking around the hallways, and Payden got incredibly more nervous and agitated and making some screeching noises.  I left Patrick with friends and ran Payden to Christian to not agitate him any more.  Patrick was so good about taking Payden's bucket around and getting him some candy too.

Pictures from Church

Halloween was on Saturday.  Christian's sister, Brooke held a Halloween party at her house in Olathe, around 45 minutes away. . We got there around 4 and painted some pumpkins and then had a big potluck together.  Dinner was so good.. lots of appetizers, dips, and salads that we all brought.

Brooke lives in a little cul-da-sac that really goes all out for Halloween. There was a house a couple doors down that had made a huge haunted house and had a line around the block for kids and adults. Because Brooke lives close.. all those kids come trick or treating too.. She had a massive pile of candy;

I have never seen so many kids in a neighborhood trick or treating like that.  Most houses had a portable bonfire pit and big fires going and families sitting in lawn chairs waiting for Trick for Treaters and big flat-screen TV's with the Royal's game playing.  It was pretty impressive.

We went Trick or Treating as a family .. even brought the wagon which turned out wonderful as little legs got tired and needed the rest.

Picture of Trick or Treating

Pictures from after.. sitting around the fire, handing out candy to kids and kids enjoying their candy.

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