Saturday, March 23, 2013

Coloring Easter Eggs

On Wednesday, Christian's mom came to see the boys.  She brought an Egg Dyeing kid for the boys to help dye some Easter Eggs.  I got the water boiling.. while played with the boys downstairs. 

Patrick was in heaven!  We used poured vinegar in for more vibrant colors and watched the tablets dissolve.  After we added water, it was time to add the eggs in.  Payden would come in the kitchen every now and then with a favorite book to read. I caught him a couple times and showed him the colors and how pretty the eggs were. He didn't stay around long but seemed to enjoying watching from my lap 

Patrick making funny faces at Grandma

Patrick checking out the eggs to see their colors - after he would pull one out, he'd say, "pretty"

After we got them to their desired colors, we set them to dry.  Once dry, we added stickers.  Patrick was enthralled and added all the stickers to each of his eggs. Payden even sat on the chair and added 10 little stickers to his blue egg. Perfect activity for fine motor practice!!

Here is a close-up, I got of him. 

 Patrick counting all the eggs 

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