Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How does your Garden Grow?

I have always wanted a garden and I guess I figured I had to wait until we had a house. Well we don't have one yet but this year I am enjoying my little plot of earth.

My mother in law has gardened in containers for awhile and had some extra planters this year and asked if I wanted them. I was thinking I would get like a few.  It turns out I got six!  I was excited.  All the pots had potting soil in it from last year and they were good sized too! So with my two boys as helpers we turned the soil over and got them ready for planting.   My mother in law took us on a trip where we got some flowers, a tomato plant and also a few seeds that I thought would be fun to grow. We have a huge driveway that we share and there is PLENTY of sunshine.  They have done wonderfully!

I transplanted the tomato plant and flowers about mid April around my birthday.

These two pictures were taking on May 21st.  You can see the tomato thriving and also the flowers looking good but not growing too much.

 A closer look at the Tomato Plant

And now from June 17th - Red tomatoes!  It seemed like awhile but there are a ton of tomatoes growing now and they are getting red from the order of when they started growing!

And now from today!  Here are three more turning red.  I guess I need to use them in some recipes for Salsa and other things.  I'm really don't like them fresh so I'll have to think of something! 

And my lettuce as of today... not sure how long you wait before the first picking though..

And my beautiful flowers have just blossomed in the early heat of June!  
(Plus, in the middle of these beautiful plants, I found tonight I have a volunteer tomato plant!  I didn't know you could have a volunteer tomato plant in a container garden. 

There is something refreshing and energy giving to have a garden to watch things grow and thrive and grow so beautifully.  Patrick loves to help me water them individually in the morning and invariably will pick a few flowers to come show me.

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So excited your garden is growing!! It looks like it is pretty healthy.

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