Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Belated 7 month Post!!

Now it's time for the belated 7 month post... I can't let a month go by without one...

Here's what both of the boys are up to.
  • Much more vocal and they seem to be always talking. There is a lot of Ahh and then looking at us as if to say, "Your Turn."
  • Still having bottles about 6x a day. Whenever it is 5 they don't seem to do very well.
  • Giggle and smile when they see Maddie coming to if she licks them.
  • Now big enough to sit in the stroller without car seats!
  • If it's too quiet he'll talk and talk and wait for someone to talk back. Christian likes to call him an attention grabber because he always has to be in the center of it.
  • On the way to the doctor I asked if they were doing okay. Of course I got a response from Patrick; one of his little Ahh and I knew he was okay.
  • Saw a sliver of white on his gum line only to have it disappear.
  • Weighed him last week and he was 14 lbs 10 oz with the dietitian. That's one pound in less than a month!
  • I've started giving him pure breast milk to help with his constipation and it seems to be helping. Or else he's realized how to do it on his own better.
  • Becoming more irritable at night; we're chalking it up to teething. More on that later.
  • More tolerant on his tummy.
  • Therapist at Tiny-K say that he is improving and is getting better. He is starting to roll to a side to pick something he wants.
  • Hates when his brother takes things away from him. And it's only the beginning.

Last - here are some pictures from the last month. .

Payden posing for the camera..

Patrick bathing in the sink. We know he's a little big but it's easier than the tub.

Payden - master of the sippy cup. Yesterday he got water out of it.

Patrick - favorite toys are kitchen utensils..

Patrick - Yummy feet!!

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Lind Family said...

Seven months already?!?!?! Crazy how time flies. They are so stinkin' cute!

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