Monday, May 3, 2010

David's Baptism

Yesterday, Christian, I and the boys went on first extended car ride. My nephew, David was baptized by his Dad (my brother) as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was a BIG day for the little guy.

I'll always think of him as little because I remember VERY CLEARLY the day he was born. I was a junior at BYU in Provo and was getting ready for church in my apartment. The phone rang and it was my brother calling to tell me his son was born. As it happened he was born on his mother's birthday (I think it was her 25th birthday). I was so happy for her and excited to have a little baby to play with/babysit that I lived so close to. That day I went up and visited him at the Hospital there.

Other things that I remember about David...
  • Helping my brother fold cloth diapers as I was there at his apartment for dinner
  • His 1 year birthday party (he got cake and blue frosting all over himself). It was hilarious to watch as he ate his cake. Then a week later (April 20th) I was there with my boyfriend Christian (my husband now) on our 2nd date. Little did I know Aaron and Emma had already noticed something different about this guy and knew he was "the one for me."
  • feeding him baby food on more than one occasion
  • Entertaining him (ie.. trying to keep him awake) on the road from Pocatello to Logan to visit my Great Aunt Libbie and then we kept on to Provo. I think I was trying to keep him awake so he could eat.
The trip went well and the boys slept the entire way to Seattle. However just seconds after we pulled into the Church parking lot, both were awake and screaming. They did pretty good; I think it was because they are on a pretty good schedule.

Here are some pictures from the big day....

Yesterday was also was the last time that I'll see my 2 brothers and their families for a long time as we are moving to Kansas later this week. It's been so great to live close to them and be able to celebrate milestones with them. I will miss them so much when we move.

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Emma said...

Oh no, now people know how old I am. Just kidding. I'm glad you guys could be there, and we are going to miss you so much! I'm glad you got some great pictures! Fun memories!

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