Monday, February 15, 2010

Finally! Surpassing their Birth Weight

Birth weight: Patrick--6lbs 2 oz
Payden--6lbs 7 oz

Coming home from the hospital: Patrick--5lbs 8 oz
Payden--5lbs 14 oz

1st Pediatrician appt : Patrick--5lbs 9.5oz
(2 days after coming home) Payden--5lbs 15.5 oz

2nd Pediatrician appt: Patrick--5lbs 9oz
(2 week check) Payden--6lbs 3 oz

After the 2 week check, we and our doctor were worried because Payden had only gained 3 oz and Patrick had lost 1/2 an ounce. She suggested that we start supplementing to help them try to gain weight. So now every time we feed them, I breastfeed each one for 10 minutes and then pump. Then we feed each breast milk/formula until they each are full. I was disappointed at first; thinking I was failing them by not producing enough milk. Then we decided to see a lactation consultant and found out that my supply is pretty good but they are just weak suckers and hopefully it will get better.

In the week since we started supplementing we noticed some great improvements... 1) wetter diapers, 2) more poppy diapers, 3) less fussiness, and 4) longer sleeping periods. We thought it must be working!

3rd Pediatrician appt:
Patrick--6lbs 3oz
weight check w/ nurse) Payden--6lbs 9 oz

With the supplementings, they surpassed their birth weight! And we are now able to let them sleep during the night instead of waking them every 3 hours. Last night we had 1 five hour stretch and 1 four stretch. It was wonderful!!

Here's some more pictures!!



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John & Melanie said...

TOOOO Cute! Love the pictures and the updates! Glad you were able to finally get a lil sleep. Funny how 4-5 hours of sleep in a stretch can make such a huge difference huh? :) Keep up the good hard work!

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