Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

Well, we've reached the time of year here in Seattle where it rains and rains and rains. Soon, the wind will come and knock over trees and the electricity. You'd think that we'd be used to it, now that we've lived here for over a year. However, it is nice and different to have just a wet and windy winter rather than a numb, and bitter cold accompanied with snow that I got used to when we lived in Kansas City and Idaho.
Maddie is less than pleased. She absolutely hates the rain. Last week, it was raining something awful, and Maddie dutifully sat by the door (her way of telling us that she needs to go outside). We put her leash on and walked outside. As we walked down the 3 flights of stairs to the grass, she locked up her feet and wouldn't budge an inch. I'm not sure if she doesn't like rain or doesn't like getting her feet wet. Then again, it was absolutely pouring that day. Soon, we picked her up and plopped her on the grass, waited until she went and went back inside.
As a solution, Christian and I decided that we should get a rain coat and maybe that would help a bit. Since it is always raining here in Washington, we thought it would be a good idea. Over the weekend, we found a orange raincoat at Target (only $2.50!) and today I got to try it for the first time. When I got home from work, it was raining so I grabbed her little coat and proceeded to put it on her so we could go outside. About 10 minutes later, with her coat on, we headed outside. For the first 2-3 minutes, her feet locked up and she wouldn't budge but soon, I think she realized how bad she had to go. Finally, she was walking beside me at a normal pace. However, if this rain keeps up, we'll have to buy her little boots to go with the rain coat. :)


Lind Family said...

Cute! I can't believe you have already been there a year! Time flies by.

Amber said...

Awesome score on the coat. Maddie looks cute.

Chuck and Katie said...

Hey Valerie, It's Katie Hymas Hulse, I was wondering if you care if I link your blog to mine? Your puppy looks so cute in her coat, by the way.

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